‘Together Apart’ is an ongoing series and the title of our first solo exhibition as a duo in 2021 at the Flatz Museum in Austria curated by Verena Kasper-Eisert

The ongoing series ‘Together Apart’ is a continuous exercise in putting our photographic works in new dialogues with one another, creating new combinations of story proposals through abstract poems that are formed out of the image titles. The individual authorship takes a back seat - ‘apart’ becomes ‘together’.

exhibition text excerpt by Verena Kasper-Eisert:

‘Motifs of being together and separated can be found in the photographs on display. Motifs of touch, both literally and figuratively, can be seen in the portraits, body shots, still lifes and landscape shots. The skin of the depicted body, often an image-guiding element, marks the point that is both a border and a contact area where the “inside” meets the “outside” - the encounter zone and separation of self and world’

new combinations, 2021
‘sound of the heat’

I am
a bag in the wind - heavy and light
merging into the sound of the heat
from i to ei

© anna—maria ritsch